Classic Spa Manicure ~ (15-20 min)
Nails & cuticles are soaked, shaped and cleansed. Followed by massage & polish
Pampering Manicure ~ (20-25 min)
Classic Manicure with orange sugar and extra massage
Paraffin Manicure ~ (20-25 min) 
Classic Manicure with paraffin treatment
Deluxe Manicure ~ (30-35 min)
 Pampering Manicure and paraffin wax to moisturize the hands
No Chip Color Gel with Manicure ~ (30-40 min)
No Chip French Gel with Manicure ~ (30-40 min)
Regular or Acrylic
Full Set
Set with Color
$45 $35
Set with French Tip & Gel Top
Solar Acrylic
$55 $40
Solar Pink Natural
$55 $40
Solar White or Pearl Tips
$60 $40
Solar Color Tips
$60 $40
Solar Pink & White (Powder)
$65 $60
Full Set for Toes
$50 $40
Repair with a Fill
Repair without a Fill


Eye Brow $15
Upper Lip $11
Side Burns $15
Chin $13
Full Face $40
Full Face with Eye Brow $50
Lower $40
Upper $50
Full $82
Under Arms $23
Half Arms $35
Full Arms $50


  • Regular Spa Pedicure ~ $38 ~ (25-30 minutes)

    Our pedicure includes nails trimmed, shaping, buffing, light callus removal, massage.  We finish the massage session with hot towels and polish your toe nails any color of your choice.

  •  Sugar Scrub Pedicure ~ $45 ~ (30-35 minutes)

    A Regular Spa pedicure with sugar scrub to get rid of the dead skin follow by a lotion massage to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Hot Stone Organic Signature Pedicure ~ $50 ~ (35-40 minutes)

    The signature pedicure offers the regular spa pedicure and more! We use callus removal to soften your feet. Followed by a treat to your legs and feet with orange sugar, all while massaging your muscles with lava hot stones for full relaxation. We finish the massage session with a hot towel treatment and polish your toe nails a color of your choice.

  • Organic Pampering Spa Pedicure ~ $55 ~ (40-45 minutes)

    The pampering spa pedicure offers everything included in the signature spa pedicure plus extra massage time for maximum relaxation.

  • Smashed Crystal Jelly Spa Pedicure ~ $58 ~ (45-50 minutes)

    Choose from Water Melon, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Peach, or Apple Jelly Soak.  We start with a 10 min. soak in the special formulated jelly solution to moisturize your skin follow by the steps in the regular pedicure.  Followed by a treat to your legs with cooling gel massage and hot stone massage.  We finish with a hot towel treatment and polish your toe nails a color of your choice.

  • Cuccio Milk & Honey Deluxe Spa Pedicure ~ $65 ~ (50-55 minutes)

    The deluxe spa pedicure offers all the steps from the pampering spa pedicure plus tea mask and paraffin wax treatment to moisturize your legs and feet.  This is our best pedicure and many customers rated it best in the area.

  • La Palm Volcano Deluxe Spa Pedicure ~ $75 ~ (55-60 minutes)
    1. Detox Volcano Crystals + Detox Volcano Activator
      Package of Detox Volcano Crystal is added to the pedicure water.
      Full package of Volcano Activator is added, which reacts with the Crystals to begin the bubbling Volcano eruption.
      Soak for 2-3 mins as the reaction moisturize and detoxes the skin.
    2. Pedicure Procedures
      Toenail trim/shape, cuticle trim/removal.
    3. Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
      Sugar Scrub massage to remove dead skin.
    4. Collagen Cream Maske
      Cream maske is applied evenly and allow to dry for 2-3 mins. (wiped off after 3 mins for the next step)
    5. Collagen Massage Lotion
      Massage using the collagen lotion in the kit for a silky soft feeling. Maske and lotion contain collagen to retain elasticity and keep skin glowing and youthful.
    6. Hot Stone Massage
      The hot stone massage helps the skin absorb the collagen from the previous step
    7. Paraffin Wax
      This last step helps the skin stay moisturized and silky smooth.

    Aroma Descriptions:

    • Lavender Eruption: Lovely smell of natural lavender.
    • Tropical Citrus: A mix of amazing fruity aromas from numerous juicy fruits. This one will make you thirsty!
    • Green Tea & Aloe: The smell of nature will bring peace and calm.
    • Honey & Pearl: A nice “creamy” milk & honey smell, this is the best way to describe this one! It also smells very clean and fresh!
    • Orange No. 5: If you know that sweet smell of fresh orange you know what this will be!
    • Romance: Imagine an elegant, vibrant rose. This is that smell!