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Gel Manicure

Benefits of Gel Nail Color

Gel nail polish has some benefits that standard nail polishes, even chip-resistant and fast-drying formulas, just don't have.
  • Quick drying: Gel polishes dry within a few minutes because of the use of the "curing" light. This quick drying feature is perfect for putting on closed-toe shoes after a pedicure. These lights are perfect for hardening gel polish without burning your skin.
  • Extended wear:

Types of Manicures

What Are the Different Types of Manicures

Manicures differ from one another in their usage of various creams, oils and treatments. Some are extremely pampering, which can be great for tired, overworked hands, while others are simple yet effective enough to give you the glamorous nails you desire. Here are the various types of manicures to choose from:
  • The ever classic French manicure is destined to give

Shellac or Color Gel Manicures

Brilliant Nail Spa has all the top brands you are looking for in a professional nail salon. We carry OPI Axxium, CND, Gelish and Entity. These manicures last for about 14 days or longer. They are meant to strengthen while keeping nails looking healthy. They also provide an invisible layer to protect your nails and that long-lasting color (2 weeks plus). The finish is flawless

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